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As a telecommuter it’s important not to under estimate the power of a professional résumé’ package. You’re competing with thousands of people for the same position and you MUST stand apart from the crowd. Often this is done by your professional résumé’.

Let’s face it; we’re not always the best person to write our own résumé’. Unless you have a true skill for writing a résumé’ it just won’t stack up to the professionally written résumés your competition maybe using.

But, there are so many résumé’ writers out there how do you know which ones to use? This is where we come in.

You’re going to learn the following in our free 5 day email course:

  1. Why you shouldn’t use your old résumé’
  2. What do those initials mean
  3. Look for a personal touch
  4. Ask for referrals
  5. You get what you pay for

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The write we recommend whole heartedly is Jennifer Anthony of Jennifer has a fantastic reputation in the work at home community. You can find her at:

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