How to Become AVA

Are You Tired of Working Hard to Make Money for Your Boss, Spending Hours Commuting To and From Work, and Leaving Your Kids All Day Long? “Fire Your Boss, Lose Your Commute, and Stay at Home with Your Kids by Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business!”

From: Nancy N Solorio
Date: Tuesday January 25th, 2008
Subject: How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Hard Working Mom,

Are you tired of working hard for someone else? As you start your day, do you dread, dropping the the kids off at daycare, sitting in traffic, and feeling like there is more to life than this?

Are you ready to make a change in your life and become your own boss, but you don’t know what business to start? There are so many businesses out there and so much hype it makes it difficult to sort through them all.

One fast growing business perfect for moms is the Virtual Assistant business. As a VA you can decide how many hours to work, what hourly rate to charge, what types of services to offer, and even what clients you’ll work with.

If you would like to start your own Virtual Assistant business and taste the freedom of being your own boss, starting your day when you want, and being home with your kids every day keep reading…

 Be Your Own Boss And Set Your Own Hours

Instead of having to slave for someone for the rest of your life, we want to teach you “How to Become a Virtual Assistant.” VA’s are in control and call all the shots for their own business – isn’t that what we all want?

Sure, a VA business sounds exciting, but you are probably wondering about…

  • Do you need special training?
  • What kind of skills are people looking for in a VA?
  • Do you need a business license?
  • How much money can you make?
  • How many hours will I have to put into my business?
  • How long will it take to build up my VA business?
  • Do I need to use contracts?

Two Successful Virtual Assistants Show How to Build Your Own Profitable Virtual Assistant Business

“My Virtual Assistant practice has gone  from non-existent to overwhelming in just nine months!  I know it’s because I applied all the best internet marketing tactics to my business.  I can’t wait to teach you everything I’ve been putting into practice.” – Jen
“I started doing VA work in 2003 before I even knew it had a name . It set me free from having to work outside the home and let me stay home with my new baby.  I learned valuable skills one client at a time and today I actually work 100% for myself and employ other Virtual Assistants!”   – Nell

We both started Virtual Assistant Businesses from square one and grew thriving businesses that allowed us to fire our boss and stay home for good.

We cover every aspect so you won’t miss a tiny detail:

  • The free tools we use to help manage our clients business.
  • Online payment options for your clients that keep you financially secure.
  • How to incorporate a retainer with your clients.
  • Making sure you get paid.

We share the most valuable lessons that we’ve learned:

  • How to make best use of freelance websites.
  • The importance of making reasonable project bids.
  • Why you need both online and offline promotional tactics.
  • Our personal strategy for attracting local clients.
  • How to use Pay Per Click to find new clients.
“Nell and Jen, thank you for providing such a complete course and making it all so easy to understand.” When I first heard you were putting together a Virtual Assistant course, I thought it would probably be like many of the books available where it only covered the basics. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to find that although you do cover those topics, you also take it to the next level where you discuss things like web design, hosting and pay per clicks. My absolute favorite part of your course though is the videos. As a VA myself, I know how important it is to use SEO, newsletters and blogs to grow my business but these tasks have always intimidated me so I’ve put them on the back burner. Watching the videos has shown me how simple each of these tasks really are and now I feel foolish for not implementing them sooner. Nell and Jen, thank you for providing such a complete course and making it all so easy to understand. – Melody Spier, Ballyhoo Virtual Services
“The information is easily understood and your knowledge in all areas is evident.” Dear Jennifer and Nell,

Thank you for creating the “How to Become a VA” course. Kristie Tamsevicius suggested it, and I am certainly glad that she did.

Your course was both informational and inspiring.  I am very impressed at the way you presented the information in a step-by-step manner with an easy to follow printable workbook. The information is easily understood and your knowledge in all areas is evident.

I will be referring back to this material as I build my business.  It is a very valuable tool made simple enough for anyone to use.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and allowing me to benefit from them!

Sincerely Yours,

– Denyse Housman

This IS The Virtual Assistant Course That Will Help You Be Your Own Boss And Grow A Successful Business.

How will this product help you grow a successful virtual assistant business?

TWO HOURS of Audio.  We broke up our marathon session into four audio segments. 

Segment 1: Virtual Assistant Basics

  • What a VA is
  • Do you need experience
  • Skills needed
  • Do you need training
  • When to bill the client
  • Keeping track of different clients and projects
  • Equipment needed
  • Invoicing options
  • Income potential
  • Do you need a business license
  • How much a VA can make
  • Where to find business contracts & MORE!

Segment 2: Website 101

  • Why you need a website
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Picking a hosting company
  • Important pages to include on your website
  • How to use a blog
  • How to use a newsletter
  • How to use audio
  • Different options for building your website
  • What services you could offer

Segment 3: Online and Offline Marketing Basics

  • Using freelance websites to gain clients
  • Offline advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Article marketing
  • Growing your expert status
  • Booking radio shows
  • Using a press release & MORE!

Segment 4: Tips to Keeping the Client

  • Ideas for using specials
  • Referral specials
  • And two very important aspects to keeping your clients!

We spill every secret that grew our businesses – you’ll feel like you have been personally coached by industry experts!

And we’ve gone an extra step for you and prepared a Printable Workbook with our careful notes to go with the audios. You can use them to follow along, underline points, highlight ideas you want to incorporate, and take notes.

The Supreme Importance of Creating a Great Website – It’s Your Virtual Office!

Many fledgling Virtual Assistants with fantastic experience and very marketable skills struggle longer than they need to because they underestimated the importance of creating a professional web presence. 

We’re making sure that you take special care with:

  • Choosing the perfect domain name.
  • Web site hosting decisions.
  • Creating a professional look.
  • Including the important information for potential clients.
  • Avoiding typical web site mistakes that turn clients off.
  • Developing testimonials that help you to secure new work.
  • Showcasing your expertise.
  • Emphasizing your niche.
  • Making best use of a blog.

Your web presence is so crucial and we feel so strongly about it that we have developed and included five ‘Jen & Nell Approved’ Website Templates that you can use to quickly and easily create your own virtual home on the web. Our templates allow you to have minimal html skills and you won’t need to hire a big web designer.

Virtual Assistant Business Facts What Do Virtual Assistants Do? Virtual Assistants are not secretaries, although they may do some secretarial tasks. The truth is that a VA can offer a wide variety of services.  If it can be done virtually through the Internet, telephone, fax machines & shipping services – a VA can build a business around it.  There are successful Virtual Assistants in so many different fields and specialties that we would be hard pressed to provide a complete list, but here is a taste: Internet Marketing Real Estate Personal Assistant Auto Sales Auctions Radio, Television & Other Media Customer Service Web Design Authors, Publishing Research What kind of skills do you need?   VA’s perform such a wide variety of tasks depending on the specialty they choose and the clients they serve.  Still, there are some basic skills every Virtual Assistant needs to have. Good verbal and written communication skills Familiarity with the Internet & email Keyboarding speed & accuracy Careful attention to detail Strong responsibility & confidentiality You can see that if you have basic office skills along with a willingness to research and learn you could be launching a new Virtual Assistant business of your own in just a few days. 

We Introduce You To Your Right Hand Man: Your Newsletter

A newsletter is simple tool and often completely overlooked by service providers. You do need a newsletter and we cover all of the details in our audio.  A newsletter that is set up correctly is like having a ‘Right Hand Man’ working for you – warming up potential clients, bringing in return business and increasing billable hours!

We’ll Do More Than Tell You – We’ll Show You!

We have created a useful set ofvideos where we show you how to:

Search Engine Optimize Your Web Pages

  • Adding meta tags
  • Choosing descriptions and keyword phrases

Set-Up Your Own Blog

  • Step-by-step instructions for Blogger & WordPress

Manage Your Virtual Assistant Business Newsletter

  • Ideas on what to include in your newsletter
  • How to create an HTML newsletter
  • How to use your HTML Template in Aweber
This is an incredible resource! “Jen and Nell really know what they’re talking about.  I love it that they approach the Virtual Assistant business from a very ‘real world’ perspective.  You don’t have to spend hundreds or dollars on training programs to get started and begin to thrive as a VA. They’ve thought of everything – you will feel equipped and ready to take charge of your new life. As someone who couldn’t make it through one day without my Virtual Assistants; and as someone who is asked for VA recommendations several times a week – I recommend that anyone interested in being a VA pick up this course and get in business as soon as possible.” – Kelly McCausey, Work at Home Moms Talk Radio.
“I know your advice and checklists (which I’ve filled with ideas and things to fix) will translate into dollars as I grow my business the right way.” Jen & Nell,

Thank you so much for creating How To Become a Virtual Assistant!  I started my VA business about a month ago and didn’t really take any time to study what other VA’s are doing or not doing that they maybe should.  As a new VA your program has been very timely and so helpful in showing me the things I’ve been doing RIGHT and WRONG in my virtual assistance business. 

The value of this course goes way beyond the audios that are broken up into the four easy to listen to segments (which as a busy VA I really appreciate that they are not two hours long!), the videos and website templates make it very easy to follow and understand!

I know your advice and checklists (which I’ve filled with ideas and things to fix) will translate into dollars as I grow my
the right way.  – Angela Wills, Star VA

Start A REAL Home Based Business NOW!

Our Virtual Assistant businesses have been the key for us in being able to stay at home full time with our children.  With the information shared in this course in your hands, we know that you will soon be on your way to a successful, profitable VA business of your own.

All the best!